The 4 Best M&P 15-22 Slings on the Market– Reviews 2021

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Getting an M&P 15-22 sling is a no-brainer. The rifle, after all, is a handy little firearm and easily one of the best ARs in .22 LR ever produced. It’s an excellent rifle and mimics the standard AR perfectly. And like 5.56mm AR’s, the 15-22 has the ability to mount a sling—and every rifle, even one that shoots .22’s, needs a sling and a good sling at that. The M&P 15-22 is a rock solid gun and it needs a sling that can support it.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best M&P 15-22 slings on the market:

Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

While the M&P 15-22 may be a humble .22 LR rifle, the design itself is still an AR 15, at least on the outside—which is why the Vickers sling perfect for it. Designed from the ground up for the AR 15 the Vickers sling is the most issued sling among military forces. The simple design is robust and proven on battlefield after battlefield as a strong, reliable, and easy to use sling. The Vickers sling brought back the popularity of the two-point sling and proved itself to be the most versatile sling option on the market for our warfighters.

Like a traditional two point, this sling (see full specs) can be carried behind the shoulder barrel up or down, but it’s also big enough to go across the body and body armor. When patrolling and shooting, the sling is worn loose. This allows you to traverse the gun up and down as well as left to right. At the same time, it’s secure across your body and cannot be dropped. When traversing more dangerous or hazardous territory you can cinch up the sling tight across the chest and go completely hands-free.

The sling itself is controlled by a simple sliding tab. Grip it, pull it rearward, or push it forward and the sling tightens or loosens instantly. It takes no effort and makes carrying and using your M&P 15-22 a real joy. This is a sling designed for tactical use, but it’s not overblown for the 15-22 in any way.

Shot Show 2018 - Blue Force Gear

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling is a very affordable option for the M&P15-22. Like the Vickers sling, this is a modern tactical two point sling. It is available is a wide variety of different colors and can interface with tons of different mounting hardware.

Some will be needed for attaching the sling to the front of the newer model M&P 15-22s, but the older models without the rails should have a front sling keeper. The Speedy 2 point is really the perfect accessory for the M&P15-22 since like the rifle it’s a lighter, more affordable sling option. It would be perfect if your M&P 15-22 was set up to mimic your tactical rifle.

The sling itself is made from 1.25-inch thick webbing that is tear and element resistant. It has a total length of 65 inches when extended to the longest setting and the shortest length of 35 inches. As you can see, it’s quite mighty. The long arm of the Condor Speedy 2 point can wrap around you over and over regardless of gear or rifle. It’s certainly long enough for the little M&P15-22.

Like a modern tactical 2 point, the Condor can shrink and grow with the pull of a tab. It gives you the ability to instantly go from loose to tight for an easier maneuver of rough territory. The sling is well made and use quick disconnect Duplex buckles to release the sling from the gun. This does make storage much simpler. The Condor Speedy 2 Point is a great budget tactical 2 point and, hands down, one of the best M&P 15-22 slings around.

Product Overview: Speedy Two-Point Rifle Sling

Blackhawk Kudu Sling

Blackhawk is mostly known for their very prominent and fantastic tactical gear. The Kudu sling is unique in design and is less tactical and is more comfortable. The Kudu Stretchy sling is made from a thick, elastic webbing that conforms to the gun’s weight and size. The ability to stretch allows it to fit multiple weapons, and this is great when you have an adjustable stock. You don’t need to adjust the sling to adjust the stock, it just stretches and works.

The Kudu is a 2-inch wide sling (see full specs) that will easily support the lightweight M&P15-22. The Kudu sling is very unique and comfortable when carrying the weapon for extended treks. It’s designed to last and uses high-quality materials. This includes metal sling points, and X stitching to hold it all together.

This will require a front sling point on newer M&P15-22s with M-LOK rails. The design is really well suited for both heavy and light rifles. The ability to stretch the sling opens up tons of avenues for maneuverability—which makes this among the best M&P 15-22 slings period.

Bolt Action Rifle Accessories: Blackhawk Kudu Sling

Slingmaster Tactical Single Point Sling

One of the best things about the M&P15-22 is the fact it’s super lightweight and easy to handle. Even compared to a traditional AR 15, the M&P15-22 is ultra light. This makes it perfect for the classic single point sling.

Single point slings maximize maneuverability and allow to you move your body and your gun freely. The Slingmaster single point sling is designed with a bit of bungie in the bottom that allows the M&P15-22 to dangle without pulling on your back and shoulders. Even though the weapon is light, this style of single point sling takes some pressure off of you and your neck and shoulders.

It’s an industry standard and one I’m glad exists. The strap itself is 1.5 inches wide and is plenty comfortable and capable of bearing the weight of the little AR .22. It’s also extremely adjustable and it fits around most bodies as well as most people wearing gear. The point is a single clip that is universal and will attach to nearly any rear sling point. The Slingmaster single point also allows you to easily transition from target to target, as well as easily move the gun without the need to loosen or tighten a sling.

The Slingmaster Single Point Sling is designed for modern rifles and the M&P15-22 is obviously quite modern. This is perfect if you use the M&P15-22 for training purposes and need to replicate real professional gear on a budget. It’s among the best M&P 15-22 slings for the money.

MP 15-22 Slings: Slung Up

Getting a good sling is on your rifle is incredibly important. Being able to retain your rifle and keep it on your body is invaluable. A good sling will improve your ability to carry the rifle, as well as shoot, and maneuver with it. A simple strap can make a major difference in the way you handle your firearm, and we hope you’ve found the right sling for your needs. Good luck!

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