The 4 Best Mini 30 Red Dot Sights – Reviews 2022

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A Mini 30 red dot sight would be perfect for Ruger’s classic gun. Sure, the Russkie 7.62×39mm round and the all-American design are a strange combo, but this is one of the reasons a red dot optic is perfect for it. The round is made for engagements out to 300 meters and a red dot falls perfectly into that level of effective range. The Mini 30 is a semi-automatic, low recoiling weapon made for quick and straight shooting, which also makes it perfect for red dot sights. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our reviews for the 4 best Mini 30 red dot sights on the market:

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight

The Aimpoint Pro is a full-sized optic made for police officers who didn’t have the budget for the Aimpoint Comp M4. The PRO in Aimpoint Pro stands for Patrol Rifle Optic. It’s designed to be a professional grade optic and to be used in tactical scenarios. While the Ruger Mini series has been overshadowed a bit by the AR 15, there are still a number of agencies using them, including the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department. If you use your Mini 30 as a standard patrol rifle or a rifle designed for home and property defense, the Aimpoint Pro is the optic you can use and trust no matter what.

The Aimpoint Pro (see full specs) will run for 3 years on a single battery so there is no real reason to ever turn it off. Change the battery every so often and it’ll remain a capable and potent optic for your Mini 30. The Pro is rated to easily withstand shock, water, and is completely waterproof. The Pro has four-night vision settings, 6 daylight settings, as well as 1 super bright settings for the worst days. The Aimpoint Pro is very easy to use and this includes zeroing it as well as the basic controls to adjust brightness levels.

The Pro is an all in one system that requires no additional parts or accessories to function. Out of the box, it comes with a scope mount, a battery and a nice set of lens covers. The Aimpoint Pro is quick and easy to install and can be done in about two whole minutes. Once the Pro is on your gun you’ll have an optic that’s hard to beat for the best Mini 30 red dot sight period.

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SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

SIG Sauer makes handguns, right? That’s what we know and love about them. However, they are doing a lot more than handguns these days. They are making ammo, suppressors, and now optics for both handguns and modern rifles. The SIG Romeo5 XDR is one of their mainline rifle optics that is both affordable and versatile. It’s a compact optic that’s lightweight and perfect on the light and handy Mini 30. The Romeo5 XDR is a special model of the Romeo5 with the DR standing for Dual Reticle.

The Romeo5 XDR (see full specs) utilizes two reticles that add a new layer of versatility of the optic. The first is a single precise 2 MOA red dot. This small red dot is very fine and perfect for engagements out to 200-300 yards. The dot is small and fine enough that it will not cover a man or coyote sized target too much. The second reticle is a circle and dot design very similar to the famed Eotech reticle. This reticle is much more intuitive for combat use and can be incredibly effective at both long and short range engagements.

The center of the reticle has a 2 MOA red dot that’s designed to be used for those longer range shots. The larger 65 MOA circle is for use in close range firefights. Fill the big 65 MAO circle with your target and just start firing. The Romeo5 XDR is a great optic for your Mini 30 and gives you both an affordable and capable option. It’s one of the best Mini 30 red dot sights for the money.

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Holosun HS403C Red Dot Sight

Holosun as an optics brand has been quite successful in producing high quality, imported optics. Holosun HS403C optics are designed to be affordable but to also pack in an amazing amount of features. The biggest downside is their very uncreative naming and the HS403C is a pain to type and say, but that’s what they call it so what can you do? This Holosun optic is built to be tough, and it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum and sealed against water and dust for long term use. The HS403C is perfect if you are planning to do a little short to medium range hunting.

The Mini 30 is perfectly capable of taking thinned-skin medium game as well as predators like coyotes and bobcats. The Mini 30 is a powerful gun that is well suited for short and medium range, which makes it a natural fit with the Holosun HS403C. The dot itself is 2 MOA so it is perfect for a hunting rifle like the Mini 30.

Best of all the Holosun takes the name Sun very seriously. The optic is powered by the sun, or partially so. It does feature a solar panel on top of the optic that absorbs light and converts into a red dot reticle. If it’s dark the red dot optic automatically switches to battery mode and keeps the optic running. It’s like a Toyota Prius you put atop your gun—not glamorous but reliable and efficient as heck.

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Bushnell AK Optics Red Dot Sight

The Bushnell AK optics red dot sight is also a fine fit for the Mini 30. Of course, the Mini 30 isn’t an AK, but it does fire the same round. This makes the optic a great fit for the Mini 30, best of all it is an affordable optic for your Mini 30. It comes with a dedicated low mount that makes it low profile and quick and easy to use on the Mini 30. The optic is small and lightweight which keeps things lightweight for you. The AK optic sports 11 different brightness settings and has a 25 mm objective lens.

The Bushnell AK optic is a take on the famous TRS 25. It’s perfect for reflexive shooting and getting on target in a hurry. The AK optic is a great addition to any Mini 30 and its perfect for a variety of tasks. This includes close quarters use and target eradication out to 200 yards. In a pinch, it’s perfect for tactical use, as well as hunting and target shooting.

The Bushnell AK optic is easily one of the most affordable optics that is also high quality and quick and easy to use. It’s all in one with an integral mount. The AK optic is even water, shock, and fog proof which is outstanding for such a small and capable optic.

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Mini 30 Red Dot Sights – Turning 30

The Mini 30 is such a fun gun. It’s reliable, accurate, and powerful, and it’s perfect for both close and medium range shooting. A perfect gun for a number of tasks that is made more efficient and effective with a red dot sight. And we hope with this article, you’ve found the best Mini 30 red dot sight for your needs. Good luck!

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