The 4 Best Sig Sauer M11-A1 Holsters – Reviews 2022

sig sauer m11 a1 holster

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The Sig Sauer M11-A1 is a legendary handgun that has been used by various military units for decades and only recently has been recently released to civilians. When choosing holsters for the M11-A1 it’s important to realize what the M11-A1 needs. The M11-A1 is considered a compact pistol, but is far from what makes people think of as compact. The M11-A1 is a heavy weapon, made entirely from metal and made to last practically forever.

Holster-wise, the M11-A1 really is the P228, meaning it can utilize any P228 or even P229 holster. In other words, the M11-A1 is a military designation for the Sig P228. The weapons need a well-designed, tough holster that can carry the load, and keep it accessible and easy for a shooter to draw from. A little light Keltec pistol the M11-A1 is not.

So, without much ado, here are the 4 best Sig Sauer M11-A1 holsters on the market.

Galco King Tuck

Galco is a legendary holster manufacturer; they have crafted and created holsters that have become famous among gun owners due to their quality and durability. Galco has kept up with the market when it comes to making holsters, and has kept on the frontline of innovation and design. The Galco King Tuk is an example of one such holster. The King Tuk is an inside the waistband holster that uses a popular hybrid style design.

The holster (see full specs) is made from both kydex polymer materials that form the shell that wraps around the firearm and connects to the base of the holster. The base is made from a combination of line saddle leather and features a Napa leather front. Leather is ultimately the most comfortable material for day to day use, and kydex remains rigid over years of service.

The holster features metal clips that aid in supporting the weapon, and keeping it as a presentation level. This is important when using a larger and heavy weapon like the M11-A1. The pistol won’t sag, sink, twist, or bind, and always remain available for the user to draw. The pad of the holster is designed to prevent the sharper parts of the weapon from digging into the user’s body and keeps the carrier comfortable throughout all day carry. The King Tuk is an excellent holster that provides the user a comfortable and accessible option for shooters.

Gould and Goodrich

The Gould and Goodrich brand is one that has been associated with holsters for decades. Gould and Goodrich make fine leather holsters for a wide variety of holsters, and these holsters are made in the United States. The leather is top grain vegetable tanned leather, made by experienced tanners. Their Gold Line holster is made entirely from leather and is designed as an outside the waistband holster. This holster is a three slot design so users can choose the cant of the holster on their belt.

The Gold Line holsters feature a thumb snap retention device that secures your M11-A1 from anyone trying to take the weapon. The snap is easily defeated by driving your thumb downwards as you grip the weapon. Theholster can be described as a pancake style. This style keeps the weapon close to your body, and makes it easier to conceal. The holster uses thick, well made leather that aids in supporting the heavy weight of the all metal Sig M11-A1.

The leather is specifically molded for the design of your firearm, and this aids in retention and comfort. The Gould and Goodrich holster is well made and the option of changing the cant makes it customizable for a variety of users. The holster is strong, but also lightweight, and easy to carry. The addition of leather adds a lot of class to your carry gun. For its price, this is among the best Sig Sauer M11-A1 holsters period.

IMI Sig Sauer Holster

The IMI, or Israeli Military industry holster, is specifically designed for Sig Sauer handguns. This includes a variety of different Sig models, and this of course includes the M11-A1. If you are a Sig fan who collects Sigs, then this holster may fit several pieces in your collection. The IMI holster is made entirely from kydex, a polymer that is strong, durable, and guaranteed to last for decades. This holster is a duty holster and features level 3 security retention.

The IMI holster (see full specs) is designed for military and law enforcement, but it is an overall excellent holster for anyone. The holster’s retention device uses push buttons to release the firearm. These buttons are positioned to be pushed with both the trigger finger and the thumb to release the weapon. Your Sig will ride safe in this holster, and is near impossible for someone to take it from you.

The Roto holster system is quite versatile, and it comes with a standard paddle attachment, but the holster can be attached to a chest piece, a shoulder holster, or a thigh rig. The Roto holster allows the user to choose nearly any angle to keep the firearm canted. The Roto holster isn’t the cheapest holster but it well designed, and extremely durable. This should be on anyone’s list of the best Sig Sauer M11-A1 holsters.

Galco Trident

Remember how I said Galco keeps on the edge of innovation and design? Well, the Trident is just another example of Galco keeping up with the times. Galco is well known for their leather holsters, but the Trident is a departure from leather. The Trident is made completely out of kydex, and is designed to be worn inside the waistband. Where this differs from the King Tuk is the overall design. The Trident is a slim, low profile holster that is designed to be used as a standard inside the waistband holster or as an appendix holster.

The Trident shines as an appendix holster due to its minimalist design, and its strong single clip. The clip that holds the holster in the waistband is nearly as wide as the holster, and keeps the holster in place throughout day to day use. The holster is designed with a drop point clip that keeps the holster from coming off a belt without a deliberate attempt. The clip is wide enough to support the heavy weight of the Sig M11-A1 and keep the weapon presented to the user at all times.

The Sig M11-A1 works well with the Trident holster due to its focus on concealed carry, and quick access. The holster has a passive retention device, which means there is nothing specific the user has to do to draw the holster. Users can adjust the retention device via a small screw near the trigger guard. The Trident features a sweat guard to keep your weapon safe, and to keep the weapon from digging into your stomach. This is one of the best Sig Sauer M11-A1 holsters period.

Ten Four

The M11-A1 is a spectacular weapon that is well designed and proven to function in nearly any environment out there. The M11-A1 is specifically designed for the military, and because of that it has different demands placed on a holster. The holster can make a big difference in the carrying of such a weapon, and a cheap and crappy holster is going to make it incredibly uncomfortable for daily carry. Choose a rock solid, well made holster that is designed for the M11-A1 and accept nothing less than excellence. Good luck!

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