The 4 Best CZ 455 Scope Rings – Scope Mount Reviews 2023

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The CZ 455 is a rimfire, bolt action rifle that is famously made by the legendary CZ arms company. The rifle is accurate and precise and is the perfect platform for a scope, but a scope is truly only as good as its rings.

A good set of scope rings for the CZ 455 will allow the user the ability to sight in and stay on target round after round. Scope rings should be made from quality aluminum and preferably be machined. A good set of rings should mount easily, and stay mounted and tight the entire time.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best CZ 455 scope rings on the market.

BSA Rings

BSA is one of the most popular manufacturer of rimfire scopes. The Sweet 22 and Sweet 17 scopes are legendary on rimfire rifles. It would only make sense they would extend into the scope ring world. Since BSA is a European company they match well with the European Czech CZ 455. The BSA rings are designed to house 1-inch scopes, like the Sweet series of rimfire optics.

BSA scope rings are well suited for the CZ 455 Lux models. The Lux models of the CZ 455 are outfitted with adjustable iron sights that are robust and quite useable. The BSA scope rings are high mounted. High mounted scope rings limit your elevation, but these rings allow you to look through the rings and make effective use of the iron sights. Scopes are incredibly effective, but it would be a shame to waste the robust and useful iron sights of the CZ 455 Lux.

BSA scope rings are quite robust and lightweight in design. The scope rings use a single screw to secure both the rings and the scope. This single screw is quite large, and easy to manipulate without worrying about striping or damaging the screws. These are easily among the best CZ scope mounts for the money.

Lirisy 1-inch Scope Rings

The Lirisy 1 inch scope rings are incredibly lightweight, and very, very simple. Tack on the fact they are affordable, and they are hard to beat. The Lirisys are surprisingly robust, and even though they are simple, they are effective. The design uses two allen screws and an allen key to attach the rings to your dovetail mount. The Lirisy 1-inch rings are a common size for scopes designed for rimfire rifles. Anything bigger is a bit much for a rimfire rifle like the CZ 455.

These are medium profile scope mounts which keep the scope more in line with the barrel, which allows for more adjustment range when compared to high mounts, since you don’t have to compensate for height over bore. The scope rings use four total screws on each one to secure the scope to the rings. Of the four screws in each ring, one will have a stop pin to lock the scope down nice and tight.

The inside of the rings are coated with tape that protects the scope from abrasions and scratches. These rings are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are anodized black. They are tough, dependable, and an excellent option for the CZ 455 and all your plinking pleasure.

Very100 Low Profiles

We’ve covered medium and high profile, but how about low profile? The Very 100 scope rings are about as low as you can get. This great reduction in height over bore produces a more precise scope and rifle combo. If you don’t want to use irons and prefer a compact scope with a small bell, the Very100 low profile rings are an excellent choice.

The Very 100 rings use two allen key screws to attach the rings to the rail and the scope to the rings. These rings form a very tight mount and keep the shooter and CZ 455 shooting straight and accurately. These rings will fit a standard 1 inch or 25.4mm scope, which are quite common in the scope realm. Because of their low height, a large objective lens isn’t a good choice; if it’s too large, it will not mount properly.

The Very 100 scope rings are made from aircraft grade aluminum so they are lightweight but tough at the same time. These scope rings are effective, affordable, and an excellent addition to your rifle. These are among the best CZ 455 scope rings: easy to detach and attach and will last for a decade or more of heavy use.

Leapers Accushot 1 PC mount

If you are looking for a stable and easy to mount rail, the Leapers Accushot 1 piece is an excellent option for the best CZ 455 scope mount. One piece mounts are often incredibly stable and found mostly on tactical weapons that are more apt to take a beating. The CZ 455 is rough and tough rimfire rifle that could easily be found in the field hunting small game. So a one piece mount is capable of working wonders on the CZ 455.

The Leapers brand partnered with UTG a bit back to bring high quality affordable firearm and tactical accessories, and this Accushot is no different. This scope mount uses 1 inch rings, and a dovetail mount. Many of the CZ 455s have dovetail scope mounts included with the rifle, so this one piece mount makes it easier and cheaper to mount a scope right out of the box.

The mount itself it secured by three separate screws mounted on the bottom of the mount. Here it’s important to apply equal pressure when tightening the scope down, this just ensures stable mounting. The scope rings themselves have 4 separate screws that hold the actual scope in place. Theses screws can’t over tighten on your scope and damage it; you can over tighten and damage the screws themselves. The screws are easily replaceable though. This lightweight compact mount is ideal for the CZ 455.

Czech Yourself

The CZ 455 is an excellent all around rifle. It’s accurate, durable, and reliable, it looks and feels great, and it’s capable of putting round after round on target. With the right CZ 455 scope rings (and the right scope, of course), the rifle is a pure tack driver. Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for explaining that a good set of CZ scope rings allows the user to sight in and stay on target round after round, and they should be made from quality aluminum and much better if machined. My friend who is an avid hunter is looking for such a scope ring for his new rifle. He would appreciate it if I can find him a store that sells CZ scope rings.

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