The 4 Best Wool Hunting Clothes – Reviews 2021

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Staying warm is one of the keys to a comfortable hunt. Since hunting is often done in the winter and the fall, it’s important to keep warm. In some situations keeping warm goes beyond comfort, but is a necessity to survive.

Wool Hunting clothes are one method to stay nice and warm, as well as dry. Wool is naturally a water resistant material, and modern Merino wool is ultra-soft and super comfortable. Below we’ve found and reviewed 4 of the best wool hunting clothes on the market. Take a look if you want to stay warm and toasty while hunting.

First Lite Merino Wool Llano

The First Lite Merino Wool Llano is a what’s known as a base layer. One of the keys to staying warm in cold and wet environments is utilizing layers to stay warm, the most important being the base layer. The base layer has to be a compromise between effectively providing warmth and being light enough to stay cool.

The First Lite Llano (see full specs) is an excellent compromise and a versatile base layer. As a layer, it’s a great compromise between cold protection and comfort. For most environments, it’s the coldest right before the sun comes up. This is also the time most hunters hit the tree stands. The Llano has a ¼ zippered portion in the front, and thumbholes to keep the long sleeves in place. Perfect for that early morning chill. Toss a top layer on and you’ll be toasty.

Once it begins to warm up you can shed the outer layer, zip down the shirt, and roll the sleeves up. This will keep you from becoming a hot and sweaty mess. The Llano is perfect for hunting in all temperatures. Hunting in the evening and things will play out in reverse. As the sun goes down and it gets colder you can zip it up and roll the sleeves back down. The shirt also uses a shooter’s cut. This means you have the freedom of movement necessary to shoot in a variety of positions and situations. Hands down, this is one of the best wool hunting clothes around.

First Lite Merino Wool Technology

People Wool Hunting Socks

Keeping your feet warm and dry is always a priority in the woods. Hunting in my area the winters are often wet, and we often hunt in what is basically swampland. Trudging through the woods I’m likely to get my boots wet, and the last thing I want is to get my actual feet wet. That would make sitting in the cold in my tree stand a literal pain and possibly dangerous.

With the People Socks, my cold toes will be quite warm. These socks are almost entirely made from Merino wool. Merino wool is a natural material that is designed to keep body heat in place. Merino wool is also quite water resistant, not waterproof, but water resistant. These are thick and comfortable socks designed for hunting, hiking, camping, etc.

These aren’t everyday wear socks. They are very thick and super comfortable wool hunting socks. They protect the feet from harsh environments and keep your little piggies toasty. They are incredibly durable and People Socks will replace them for free if you ever get a hole in them. Merino wool is also naturally bacteria and odor resistant, which is a major plus if you plan to wear these socks while working hard, or over multiple days. Lastly, people hear wool and think itchy but this isn’t true with Merino wool or People Socks. They are very comfortable, and very easy to wear all day long. Sometimes, the best wool hunting clothes start from the bottom up.

Meriwool Midweight Baselayer

The Meriwool base layer is designed for the bottom half while the Llano protects your upper layer. This pair of pants are semi-form fitting, but not ultra tight. The reasons they are form fitting is so they stay in place while you are pulling your main layer over them. The Meriwool Midweight base layer is super soft and very comfortable. It works with your natural body heat to keep you nice and warm.

The Meriwool Base layer is also quite light, and will not overheat when you start shedding layers to cool down a bit. Most often once the sun comes up it’s time to strip down a bit. This base layer is perfect for hunting for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest is because of odor control. You don’t want deer smelling you, and you generally don’t want to be stinky anyway.

Meriwool uses merino wool, so you know it’s strong, weather resistant, and will last for years of tough use. It wicks moisture from the body and keeps moisture from the outside out. The Meriwool Base layer is lightweight, machine washable, and is an excellent base layer.

Woolrich Classical Field Wool Coat

Long before the days where Realtree and Mossy Oak was a hunter’s best friend, the standard wool coat was the option of choice for hunters. Camouflage can be effective in some situations but it’s not necessary for most hunting. What is necessary is staying warm. The Woolrich Classical Field Coat is certainly apt at keeping its wearer warm. This classic style of coat rose to popularity in the late 1800s for both fishermen and hunters. Think Jeremiah Johnson.

This wool coat provides the user with a reliable and warm jacket. One of the best things about using wool is the tight weave keeps out chilly winds. It acts as a shield against the most bone-chilling winds that nature can throw at you. The Woolrich Classic wool coat is also weather resistant and was one of the first materials that wicks water from the user. This means the jacket can resist rain and moisture. The jacket will keep the water on the outside, and won’t let it reach the wearer. Of course, eventually, water will make it through, but you’ll have to be close to submerged.

This vintage Woolrich hunting jacket also offers 4 pockets on the front of the jacket for accessory storage. There is also two more traditional hand pockets in the coat. The buttons are designed to provide an overlapping storm flap. The back has a large storage pocket the user can fit small game like squirrel and rabbit in.

Modern Hunt Coat | Woolrich Inc. | Field Review

Pull the Wool

Finding the best wool hunting clothes is a no-brainer since wool is one of the best materials for hunters, hikers, and campers who need to stay warm. It’s moisture resistant, comfortable, but it also breathes and wicks water. It’s some fancy space age material that relies on proprietary chemicals and blends. It’s simply wool, and it simply works—and we hope you’ve found the outfit for your hunting needs here. Good luck!

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