Eotech 512 vs 552 – Which Is Better? (ANSWERED)

eotech 512 vs 552, difference between eotech 512 and 552

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The Eotech line of optics is some of the most popular out there. They are designed for close quarters combat and are very versatile optics for hunting, home defense, and duty. Two full-size variants of the Eotech holographic optic are the 512 and 552.

Eotech’s use of numbers can be a bit confusing, but we are going to run you through both optics and hopefully make it much easier for you to choose the optic you want and need. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good handle on which would win in a battle of Eotech 512 vs 55!

Holographic Sights

Eotechs are different than any other red dot sight on the market. They utilize a laser-driven holographic technology. The hologram is a 2 or 3 dimension image of a reticle and the laser is used to illuminate the hologram. When the user looks through the sight window, they can then see the reticle.

Most red dot sights use nothing more than a red circle as the reticle. Using their holographic technology, Eotech can do so much more than that. They can create a more complex and versatile reticle system. The most famous and most famous being the -0 reticle. This reticle features a 68 MOA outer ring with a 1 MOA internal dot.

The big ring is perfect for close quarters use. Fill this big ring with your target and pull the trigger. This isn’t the most precise method but close quarter’s fighting is about speed, not necessarily precision. The big ring is quick and easy to spot compared to a small red dot reticle and when fractions of a second count it matters. When the target gets between 50 and 200 meters, the little dot is the aiming reticle you want to use. This smaller, more precise dot is better used for these extended ranges.

There is one downside to holographic technology, and that’s battery life. Compared to other optics, Eotech’s batteries last about a thousand hours. That’s a lot of time, but Aimpoint’s optics can last years due to their simpler reticles.

The square-shaped design and reticle do allow a shooter to keep both eyes open and to deliver a correct heads-up display versus just an optic. This allows the operator to have the full use of their peripheral vision and increased situational awareness.

EOTech 512 on BCM M4 Build

Eotech 512 vs 552 — What They Have in Common

Both the Eotech 512 (see full specs) and Eotech 552 (see full specs) are considered full-size optics and use a full-sized battery box. Both are the same weight and size so there are no real concerns there. At 11.5 ounces they aren’t hefty, but they’re no miniature red dot.

Both optics are well made and tough enough for serious work and shooting. Both utilize two 1.5V AA batteries and will last 1,000 hours with lithium batteries and 600 on alkaline batteries. They can be submerged up to 10 meters of water, and each has a programmable auto shutdown to conserve batteries.

If I handed you both optics, you may be slightly confused. They look and feel remarkably similar, so where do the differences start? Well, they start as soon as you start looking on the inside, and it’s the insides that count.

EOTech 552 Style Sight Demonstration

Eotech 512 vs 552 — Where They Differ

The Eotech 512 (read reviews) is the overall simpler optic. It’s cheaper but does lack some of the finer features of the 552. First off it does not have night vision compatibility. If you don’t plan on tossing some serious cash down on NODs then the 512 is probably for you. It does have 20 brightness settings so you can tune it for the brightest of days or low light situations. While it lacks NVG compatibility, the 512 is still an excellent option for home defense. But it would not be my first choice for duty use as a cop or soldier.

The 512 is an excellent hunting red dot for shotguns and short range shooting. There are even options for a Mossy Oak or Realtree camo pattern that’s exclusive to the Model 512.

The Eotech 552 (read reviews), on the other hand, is where we start getting into a duty grade optic. The 552 features night vision compatibility. The device is compatible with night vision generations 1 through 3. The 552 has 20 daylight brightness settings and ten settings for night vision use. With a night monocular worn on the helmet of the head, the 552 lights up like a Christmas tree.

The Eotech 552 is well suited for police, military, and even hardcore hunters use. With nighttime hunting of hogs growing more and more popular, you need an optic that can keep up. Of course, this is also an excellent choice for home defense. The 552 features either the -0 reticle or the XR308 reticle. Be warned the XR308 is tuned for the military’s M240 machine gun and works best with 150-grain FMJs at 2,800 feet per second from a 24.8-inch barrel.

Eotech 512 vs 552 — Price

Shooters will find a big difference in price between these two optics. The Eotech 512 is roughly one hundred dollars cheaper (though, price fluctuations happen). This makes up for its lack of night vision and makes it an excellent entry point into Eotech grade optics. That being said, the 552 isn’t a very expensive optic, not compared to many others out there. In my book, shelling out the extra case for the 552 is undoubtedly worth it.

Eotech 512 vs 552 — Accessories

The good news is both optics are entirely compatible with the Eotech line of accessories. This includes magnifiers that allow you to extend your effective range and see a bit further.

The G33 Magnifier is an outstanding choice for getting the most out of your Eotech optics. Both optics do use rear controls so it can be a little bit of a hassle to make adjustments with the magnifier in play.

They are also both compatible with the Eotech Laser Battery Cap (see full specs). This replaces your standard battery cap with one featuring a built-in laser system. This gives you a visible red dot laser for alternative aiming needs.

EO Tech 512 Holographic Sight with G33 Magnifier – Video Review

Which One Is for You?

The above question is one only you can answer. I can say with confidence both optics will serve you well, and get you on target. Identify your needs, your wants, and your budget carefully and I’m sure you’ll find the right optic for you. Personally, I would go with the 552 despite the higher-end price. Its aforementioned capabilities allow you more confidence in more situations. Good luck!

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