The 4 Best Mossberg 500 .410 Accessories – Tactical Parts Review 2023

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The Mossberg 500 is a legendary American shotgun chambered in every popular caliber, including the light .410. The .410 Mossberg 500 is a great gun, but we can always make it better right? We found a few accessories we really enjoy, to personalize it and also to make it a more efficient weapon, and we think you’d enjoy as well.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Mossberg 500 410 accessories on the market:

Mossberg 500 410 Accessory 1: iProtec LG Univeral Long Gun Mount

A light on a shotgun can be an absolutely invaluable addition to your Mossberg 500 .410. This allows you to mount a flashlight to the barrel of magazine tube of your Mossberg. This is an easily adjustable mount that gives you the remarkable ability to attach a variety of flashlights to your shotgun. I found lights that were roughly 1 inch in diameter to work best. These lights are standard, especially in the tactical world.

This unit is made from anodized aluminum and is ultra-reliable. The recoil of a .410 isn’t much, and the Universal Long gun mount is strong enough to withstand the recoil without issue. The insides of the clamps are coated with a rubber protectant. This rubber insert is also textured to provide a sure grip on your light and barrel to prevent the system from slipping. The iProtec light mount is extremely easy to use, and mounts in minutes.

A light on your Mossberg 500 allows you to quickly confirm your target in low light situations. While it’s perfect for home defense, it’s also great for pest removal at night or varmint hunting. This also makes your little .410 a rabbit-killing machine. The iProtec light is a simple, affordable, and useful light for your mini Mossberg.

iProtec NEBO 5598 Universal Long Gun Light Mount Test

Mossberg 500 410 Accessory 2: Truglo Glo Dot 2

The stock Mossberg 500 .410 is a great gun but comes with a painfully hard to see bead sight. This is usually pretty good when it comes to most shooting, but when the sun gets low, it can be hard to see the dot. A simple and easy way to make your shotgun more shootable is the addition of the Truglo Glo-Dot 2. This snap-on system makes no permanent alterations to your shotgun and allows you to see your front sight a lot more clearly.

The Truglo Glo Dot 2 features a high visibility fiber optic front sight that’s extremely easy to see. This keeps things simple for low light shooting for sure, but it also makes it easier to focus on your front sight. The Truglo Glo Dot 2 is extremely tough and well made. It will comfortably hold up to most shotgun recoil, especially when the recoil is as low as a .410 shotgun. Installation is simple and can be done at home.

Additionally, the sight is extremely low profile, so it replicates the same height over bore as a standard bead. This means it will shoot the same way as a regular bead. The brightly colored front sight is easy to track, especially when aiming at moving targets. The Tru Glo snap-on front sight is an excellent addition to your Mossberg 500 .410.

TruGlo Home Defense Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

Mossberg 500 410 Accessory 3: Galati Gear Rifle Bandoleer

Now I know what you are thinking, rifle bandoleer for a shotgun? Well, the .410 ammunition is basically rifle-sized ammo. It fits perfectly in a bandoleer made for a rifle. Your standard shotgun bandoleer is much too big for a .410 round, which will just fall through the loops. A rifle bandoleer allows you to carry large amounts of .410 rounds easily. Across the body in a convenient and easy to access manner.

The Galati Gear bandoleer (see full specs) holds 80 rounds of ammo. Why would you ever need 80 shots for a .410? Well, why not? You may never need 80 rounds, but shotguns are versatile weapons. They have a multitude of ammunition options available including multiple types of birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. You may need birdshot at first but then need buckshot. You can carry a wide variety of different kinds of ammo in the bandoleer for whenever you may need it.

The bandoleer itself can clip across the body or around the waist like a belt. The Galati gear bandoleer is made mostly of nylon, two different types in particular. One is a little more stretchy than the other and allows you to securely store ammunition as well as easily retrieve it.

Galati Gear Rifle Bandolier Review

Mossberg 500 410 Accessory 4: Vickers Blue Force Gear Sling

Every long gun needs a sling. If you have only one accessory, it should be a sling. They keep the gun on your body and allow you to easily move and groove through rough terrain with ease. Additionally, it’s much more comfortable to climb tree stands with a slung firearm. Outside of that, a sling allows you to safely carry the weapon when you have to dedicate two hands to a task. The Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling is one of the best on the market, for hunting, tactical use, and any other reason you have to sling a gun.

On your Mossberg 500 .410 shotgun, the Blue Force Gear sling (see full specs) is a natural fit. The Vickers sling is designed by legendary Delta Force Operator Larry Vickers. The sling itself is incredibly adjustable and features a quick pull tab that allows you to adjust the sling rapidly. It can be worn loosely as a way to easily manipulate the weapon for shooting upland game birds or aiming downwards from a tree stand. The relaxed nature of this setting makes weapon manipulations a breeze.

A quick pull of the tab rapidly tightens the sling down to your body. Now you can move with ease with full hands, or climb over obstacles without the gun bouncing around. The BFG Vickers sling comes in a multitude of colors and finishes and has a variety of sling attachment options. It’s a modern, modular sling designed for rough and tough use.

Blue Force Gear -- Vickers Combat Application Sling

The Mini Mossberg

The Mossberg 500 is an outstanding shotgun, and the .410 is the lightest and handiest caliber they offer it in. The gun from the factory is great, but with the addition of a few accessories, it becomes a next level shotgun. I hope you liked our article and if you have any additions let us know below. Good luck!

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