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best multicam pants, multicam pants with built in knee pads

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Multicam, in pants or other clothing, is the latest and greatest in a semi-universal camo pattern. It’s much more effective than the Army’s old ACU pattern and blends in well in most environments.

The world of tactical pants is massive so it sometimes hard to find the right pair. Luckily, we have the article for you. When selecting pants, you should look for fabric that’s durable, easy to move in, and reliable in a pinch. We’ve selected just the right ones for you. So . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best multicam pants on the market:

Survival Tactics Multicam Tactical Pants

It can be hard to find a set of tactical pants in multicam that offers as much as the Survival Tactics pants. These multicam pants provide 16 different pockets of various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of gear. This ranges from your regular pocket junk to maps in cargo pockets to gun magazines wherever they fit. The Survival Tactics pants also come with a built-in set of knee protection. These soft pads allow you to take a knee with ease and remain comfortable with all your weight focused forward in a shooting stance.

The pads are ultra-light and avoid chafing (see full specs), unlike hard knee pads. They won’t protect you if you wipe out on a skateboard but are perfect for comfort. The Survival Tactical pants also rock a slightly elastic waistband that ensures comfort when you are moving around a bit and to accommodate war belts, or IWB holsters. The pants are also designed to circulate air and keep you cool when rocking and rolling.

The pants also are easy to tighten at the bottom, and this makes it easy to keep bugs, grass, and more out of your pants leg. The pants have decent flexibility, and you can quickly move dynamically without feeling restricted. They are made from a ripstop fabric and are perfectly durable for whatever mission you have in mind.

5.11 Multicam Tactical TDU pants

5.11 Tactical is pretty legendary when it comes to tactical gear of all kinds. From their holsters to their combat shirts we all know the 5.11 brand. 5.11 has always produced high-quality tactical gear and really keeps the end user in mind when designing their clothing. The 5.11 Tactical TDU pants are muticam tactical pants with some interesting features. Of course, they have cargo pockets for extra gear, and these specific pockets really stand out. The cargo pockets have an internal divider that features a divider that allows you to carry AR 15 magazines easily.

AR 15 mags in pockets can get a little heavy, so pack a quality belt as well. The TDU pants feature roomy front pockets and wide openings for easy access to your internal gear. These pockets are large in size and allow you to carry your standard pocket stuff, on top of being able to accommodate small guns in pocket holsters, or large knives and flashlights.

The TDU pants from 5.11 also sport a self-adjusting waistband that keeps things quite comfortable, especially if you carry gear IWB. It’s almost never too loose or too tight. The pants are triple stitched and bartacked in the high-stress areas. This means they don’t rip or fall apart when things get rough, which easily make these among the best multicam pants for the money.

74350 Multicam TDU pants

Tru-Spec Multicam Lightweight 24-7 Pants

If you are looking at the possibility of working in hotter environments, you should consider the Tru Spec brand 24-7 pants. They are a little lighter and more comfortable in warm environments. They make sure you don’t generate a pool of sweat but are still sturdy enough to keep up with you and your operations of airsoft games. The waistband is self-adjusting for maximum comfort, and the best part of all is there is no visible elastic. This gives the pants a cleaner more professional appearance.

The belt loops are massive (see full specs) and designed to help support a heavy load, be it a pistol, a magazine pouch, or other gear. This keeps your gear from sagging and makes sure its always accessible. The Tru-Spec 24-7 Pants also feature flat fit cargo pockets, which again lends to a more professional and squared away appearance. The pants also have reinforced knees designed with openings for knee pads.

The pants are Teflon-coated to resist stains and keep the pants looking in tip-top shape. The pants are also made with ripstop fabric, so little holes don’t become big holes. The cargo pockets each have internal magazine compartments that make carrying AR 15 sized magazines a breeze. You also have an external cell phone or radio pocket, as well as two accessory pockets designed for knives or flashlights. These should be on anyone’s list of the best multicam pants.

TRU-SPEC® Men's 24-7 Series® Original Tactical Pants

Propper Multicam Pants

Propper is an exciting company. They don’t have the flair of 5.11 regarding marketing, but the pros know the brand. They make an extreme amount of gear for government contracts around the world. The Propper pants feature eight pockets with divided cargo pockets. The cargo pockets are also uniquely angled forwards. This makes drawing gear from the pockets very easy and very intuitive. The Propper trousers are built to military standards and approved for wear by the US Army.

The Propper Trousers are medium weight pants made for a variety of environments. They are made from 50 percent nylon and 50 percent cotton ripstop fabric. They are flexible, durable, and incredibly comfortable. They bend when you bend, move when you move, and are perfectly capable of keeping up with you as you get down to business. The pants have internal kneepads inserts for added comfort and are compliant with most common kneepads.

The Propper trousers are fade resistant and have a reinforced seat for extra strength and durability. The pants are fade and wrinkle resistant, an important consideration for those who can rarely wash their pants. The Propper Trousers also feature an internal drawstring for a quick and comfortable fit. There is the added bonus of drawstring leg closures that secure the pants and keep uninvited guests out.

Propper ACU Trouser, NYCO Ripstop Multicam Pants

Multicamed Out

Once again, if you’re going to wear camou trousers, get the best multicam pants you can buy because multicam is one of the most effective camo options out there. It works in a wide variety of environments and blends into almost any situation. Plain old multi-cam pants aren’t good enough; if they aren’t designed for tactical use, are you really any better than a tactical hipster? The trick is really finding a pair of pants that can keep up with you. The above four are proven and reliable for a variety of uses, from hiking, hunting, and camping to airsoft and actual combat. Pick a pair—or two—and you’re good to go. Good luck!

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