The 4 Best AR Optics for Astigmatism – AR-15 Sight Reviews 2023

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Being an A5-15 owner with astigmatism doesn’t mean the world of optics isn’t available to you, but it can make finding the right optic a challenge. However, it’s far from impossible. We’ve taken the task of find optics that function well with astigmatism and on America’s favorite rifle. These optics, however, aren’t exclusive to AR-15s and can be used on various rifles.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best AR optics for astigmatism on the market:

AR Astigmatism Sight 1: The UTG Prismatic T4x

Prismatic scopes are an excellent choice for those with astigmatism due to their etched reticles. These etched reticles do not blur like a red dot and allow those sight-challenged shooters some relief. The UTG Prismatic T4 is a simple and affordable prismatic scope option for any AR 15 shooter. It also gives some shooters with astigmatism a few options to relieve their eye issues. One is the ability to change the reticle’s color and brightness levels with the EZ-Tap 36 multi-color mode.

The optic also has 2.6 inches of eye relief, so corrective glasses have plenty of room to sit comfortably. The optic’s 4X magnification is perfect for most AR 15s. It’s a bit low for a precision grade AR, but not for a standard carbine. It will allow the engagement of man-sized targets out to 500 yards. The USMC even uses 4X optics and has a requirement that Marines have to hit a man-sized target at 500 yards.

The UTG T4x comes with an interesting mounting system that allows you either keep the footprint of the optic as low as possible or you have the optic placed over a rear rifle sight. This metal mount makes it easy to mount the optic to smaller AR 15s, specifically those known as AR pistols. This affordable little sight is easily one of the best AR optics for astigmatism around.

AR Astigmatism Sight 2: Vortex Optics Spitfire 1X Prism Sight

Optics that are typically the most affected by astigmatism are red dot sights. The downside is that this makes it tough to find a suitable close quarters combat optic, yet when it comes to home defense, one of the best options you can pick is a red dot. For those using an AR 15 for home-defense who happen to have astigmatism, I’d suggest the Vortex Spitfire 1X Prism sight. It’s a prism sight but has no magnification. This optic still utilizes an illuminated reticle, but it’s etched into the glass.

It’s a simple reticle that is designed for fast, close-range shooting. It consists of a circle around a circle with a small red dot in the middle. The optic has ten intensity levels, and you can switch between red or green illumination. The Spitfire is a small optic, hardly bigger than most red dots. It’s well suited for AR-style optics and will give you excellent close-range shooting ability. It can match the capability of a red dot without issue.

The Spitfire 1X Prism sight is a tough optic too. It’s made to last and to take a beating. It’s water and shockproof and can function on guns a lot bigger than the AR 15. The Spitfire 1x Prism sight is the perfect option for shooters seeking red dot performance when challenged with astigmatism.

Vortex Spitfire 1x Prismatic Sight Review

AR Astigmatism Sight 3: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6X

Low-powered variable optics, or LPVOs, are often the most versatile choice for a AR 15. These magnified optics often feature illuminated reticles, but at the same time have etched reticles too. This combination makes it easy for a shooter with astigmatism to rock and roll at various ranges. The Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the higher-quality but still affordable choices in the LPVO world. It offers excellent clarity and a unique reticle suited for long and short-range shooting. The Strike Eagle’s reticle is a three-quarter circle with a series of hash marks that fall under it.

These hash marks (see full specs) are used for compensating for bullet drop and allows you to adjust your aim on the fly. The three quarter circle design is there for you to use the optic at 1X almost as a red dot. The Strike Eagle allows you to swap from close range to moderate range in less than a second and offers a level of versatility that red dots and normal variable optics simply can’t offer.

The Vortex Strike Eagle gives you 11 illumination settings and is water, shock, and fog proof. The Strike Eagle is backed by Vortex’s awesome warranty—that is, LIFETIME warranty—and is a great close and moderate range optic for those with astigmatism. This should be on anyone’s list of the best AR optics for astigmatism.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 AR-BDC First Person POV - C_Does

AR Astigmatism Sight 4: Eotech 552 Holographic Weapon Sight

The Eotech 552 is often called a red dot sight, but that’s not entirely accurate. This is a holographic optic, and that’s an important difference when you have astigmatism. A holographic sight bounces light off of a holographic grate to project light onto the lens. This is a filter that limits the amount of light your eyes are exposed to. This reduces distortion for shooters with astigmatism.

The Eotech optics (see full specs) are used by shooters all around the world and are a favorite with special operations troops and police officers. These close quarters optics offer a dynamic reticle that allows for quick and easy close-range shooting as well as accurate shooting out to 200 yards. The reticle is made up of a large circle around a small dot. The large circle is for close-range shooting and the small dot for moderate range.

The Eotech 552 is built to last and is designed for the AR 15. It fits well with the required cheek height and makes it possible to use your iron sights through the lenses of the Eotech. This gives you something called co-wintessing and is important in case your optic fails. The Eotech 552 has 20 daylight settings and 10-night vision settings. This is a professional grade optic and does sell for a premium, but it’s well worth the cost. No ifs or buts, this is among the best AR optics for astigmatism.

Eotech 552.A65 Holographic Sight Review

AR Astigmatism Sights: Seeing Red

While your average red dot may be off the table for those with astigmatism, we have plenty of optics out there for shooting at any range. The AR-15 is a versatile rifle, and luckily the optics available for it are equally as versatile. Just because you have astigmatism doesn’t mean you are stuck with iron sights and with these offerings above, you aren’t. Good luck!

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