The 4 Best Glock Trigger Upgrades – Aftermarket Kit Reviews 2023

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Glock makes some of the most popular handguns in the world, and that popularity can be ascribed to more than just aggressive marketing. The Glock is a very reliable, accurate and functional handgun, and for that reason is widely used by private citizens, military and police around the world.

However, due to that popularity, the one size fits all trigger configuration that ships from the factory may not be what you are looking for. An enormous aftermarket has arisen, and searching for the best Glock trigger upgrade may be like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. There are countless options, from simple upgrades to an otherwise stock trigger system to complete trigger replacements (and all are purchasable from Brownells).

We’ll take a look at a variety of Glock triggers, and let you decide which one is best for you.

Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger

Do you need a hardcore tactical trigger that reduces pretravel, improves the feel of the trigger, and is built with people of smaller stature in mind? Then the Overwatch Precision trigger is for you. This drop in, no gunsmithing trigger replaces the boring factory trigger with something approaching match grade quality.

Featuring a clean, crisp break and made of the highest standard materials, this is a must have trigger assembly for anyone who can see beyond the limitations of a factory trigger. Perfect for every day carry guns, this trigger kit will impress you each time you use it.

Overwatch Precision TAC Glock Trigger

Ghost 3.5 Pound Trigger Kit

Sometimes the best Glock trigger upgrades is the one you do yourself. After all, your gun ships with a perfectly functional trigger designed by skilled engineers. But, just like the Six Million Dollar Man, we have the technology, we can make it better.

The Ghost 3.5 pound trigger kit converts your factory trigger to a sweet, buttery smooth and easy shooting 3.5 pound pull. As a bonus, it is designed to be self cleaning, so powder residue does not build up over time and change the quality of the trigger pull. If you need a quick and easy Glock trigger upgrade, this is it!

Glock Ghost 3.5lb trigger and ILMG spring kit

Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger for Big Bore Glocks

If you’ve got a .45 or 10mm Glock, don’t feel left out, simply because you are running with the big boys. Lone Wolf has you covered with their unique adjustable trigger. This easy to install trigger upgrade is adjustable without removing the trigger from the gun.

Pre travel and over travel are readily adjusted, while a large safety spring and flush sitting safety lever makes the trigger far more comfortable to shoot than a standard factory trigger. This is the best Glock trigger upgrade for those seeking more performance out of their high powered .45’s and 10mm’s. Ideal for any purpose from sport shooting to hunting or self defense, you’ll wonder why you never upgraded before.

Installing the Lone Wolf UAT(ultimate adjustable Trigger) and Firing Pin Safety On Glock 40 MOS

Zev Fulcrum Trigger for Gen 4 9mm Glocks

If you’ve got a 4th Generation Glock, in 9mm this is the best drop in trigger for your needs. An amazingly precise trigger that adjustable for both pre travel and over travel, ensuring custom tuned precision to suit your personal needs. All engagement surfaces are mirror polished, the trigger shoe is machined aluminum, while the trigger bar is a rugged stainless steel part.

Built to offer consistent short and crisp letoff and reset, this is quite frankly one amazing bit of kit. Choosing the best trigger for your 4th gen Glock can be hard, but Zev Technologies makes it stupidly easy. Choose their Fulcrum Trigger and be happy.

Why Upgrade Your Glock Trigger?

A better question might be why not? While there are compelling reasons to avoid modifying the trigger on a gun used for daily carry, or at least keeping those modifications within a reasonable range, there are many compelling reasons to modify the trigger on a Glock used for sport shooting. In fact, it’s almost a requirement.

Glocks are sold to law enforcement and private armed citizens, and as such they are built with neither too heavy (Well, except for those goofy New York PD triggers) nor too light a trigger. There are tactical and even liability reasons for this, and any modification to a stock trigger on a carry gun needs to be carefully considered. However, while the factory trigger is a marvelous (and probably lawyer approved) combat trigger, it leaves a lot to be desired in the target shooting realm.

Glock pistols are extremely popular in competition shooting, including practical three gun competition and other shooting sports that attempt to replicate as much as possible real world shooting situations. Just like one would heavily tune a car used for racing, so too must they tune a gun used for sport shooting. One of the first places a sporting gun is tuned is in the trigger and for many very good reasons. The trigger is the heart of the whole process … certainly a high quality barrel is required, but a lousy trigger will make a match barrel a waste of money.

Even something as simple as swapping parts–trigger springs, trigger bar or trigger shoe–can lead to radical change and improvement over a stock trigger. The choice of which parts to swap out is entirely up to you. Some folks prefer a lighter but otherwise stock trigger, while others may wish to change the trigger shoe out to change how the mechanics of the trigger itself operates.

Whatever your reasons and choices though, there is a plethora of options, and the best Glock trigger upgrade is something of a personal matter and depends entirely on your budget, end use, and what you desire to turn your gun into. Fortunately, trigger upgrades and replacements are fairly affordable and when done right are a great way to turn your just like a zillion others Glock into a custom pistol that has been reshaped to fit your needs and desires. Upgrading your Glock trigger is easy and only needs to take a few minutes at the kitchen table, so the only question you should ask yourself is why you haven’t done so yet already?

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