Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2 – Which Is Better? (ANSWERED)

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The Eotech XPS2 and EXPS2 – why compare them? Well, when it comes to close quarters optics, few names ring more true than Eotech, one of the most popular choices for both the military and law enforcement. A few years ago Eotech created the EXPS and XPS lines of optics. These lightweight, compact red dot holographic optics have quickly become some of the most popular optics out there.

There is a little confusion though regarding the differences between the XPS2 and the EXPS2 that we want to clear up today. This will allow you to make the most informed decision possible so you can finally settle the question who wins in the Battle of Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2.

Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2: What They Have in Common

The XPS2 and EXPS2 are both compact Eotech optics. Their design takes up less rail space than previous models and is better designed for shorter rifles and carbines. They allow more room for magnifiers and backup iron sights, and both optics utilize a single CR123 battery in a forward battery compartment. This reduces the weight and the size of the design.

Both units will also run continuously for 600 hours, and both are professional-grade optics and are shock, fog and waterproof. In fact, both optics are submersible to 10 meters.

Both optics are designed to work with military-standard Picatinny rails and work with magnifiers. That being said, neither of these optics is designed for use with night vision devices. So keep that in mind. Both optics are designed to be used in combative environments, but both also excel for sports shooting and even close range hunting.

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Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2: Where These Two Differ

While these optics have a lot in common and they even look alike, but there are some very noticeable differences. Let’s dive into these differences, and you should have a much better idea of the right optic for you. The XPS2 and EXPS2 are both rock solid optics, but knowledge is power and choosing the right optic is critical for your needs.

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Both optics do have the famed and always awesome Eotech -0 reticle. This reticle is made up of a 68 MOA ring and a 1 MOA dot that makes it perfect for both CQB and medium range engagements. These optics are always awesome and a big reason why Eotech optics are so popular.

The EXPS2 (see full specs) offers two reticle options, and that is the previously mentioned -0 and the similar -2 reticle. The only difference between the -0 and -2 is the addition of another dot that is used for ballistic drop.

The XPS2 (see full specs) has a total of 5 reticle options, and this includes the -0 and -2 as well as the -1 which is just a plain red dot. Additionally, there are two reticles for less-lethal weapons by FN and Sage. These are very purpose based reticles so if you are shopping for one of those weapons, then the XPS2 is the way to go, but it’s unlikely they matter.


An interesting difference between these two optics is their weight. Looking at them you don’t see much of a difference between the two.

The XPS2 weighs a light 9 ounces and the EXPS2 weights a slightly heftier 11.2 ounces. 2.2 ounces isn’t significant, but the weight is weight and the more you can trim the better. This is especially true on weapons designed to be light and easy handling like SMGs, Shotguns, and PCCs.

If your goal is for a lighter weapon, then clearly the XPS2 offers you a better answer to your optic’s problem. If you are building out a full-sized rifle or combat shotgun than 2.2 ounces won’t be an issue.

Height and Co-witness

Another minor difference between the two optics is height. Height hardly seems worth mentioning, and the EXPS2 is 2.9 inches tall, and the XPS2 is 2.5 inches tall.

Now, .4 inches don’t make a difference, does it? Well, with an AR 15, it will make a significant difference. Cowitnessing is your ability to see your iron sights through your optic. You generally want the ability to cowitness in case the optic breaks or the battery dies. The height of your standard AR sight is 2.6 inches and the height of your optic matters when it comes to cowitnessing.

The XPS2 (read full reviews) allow for an absolute co-witness that allows you to see your front sight through the optic easily. An absolute co-witness is often a cloudy picture, so it is best reserved for guns with folding iron sights.

The EXPS3 (read full reviews) uses a lower 1/3rd co-witness which means only the top of the sight will be visible through the optic. This means the front sight will be very low in the optic and avoid mucking up your optic’s sight picture. These are great if you have a fixed front sight.


There is a slight difference in the placement of the controls for both optics. The XPS2 features ambidextrous rear controls to turn the optic on and adjust the intensity and brightness level of the reticle. This is great for lefties but can be tricky to use when paired with a magnifier, which tends to get in the way.

The EXPS2 has side mounted controls that are well out of the way for using rear-mounted magnifiers. This makes it a bit easier to adjust the optic with a magnifier in place. The controls are on the left-hand side, so lefties have to move their firing hand to adjust or make awkward movements to do so.

Additionally, the EXPS2 has a QD mount for quick detach and attachment to a rail system. The XPS2 uses a traditional system for attaching an optic to a rail.


There is a slight price difference between the two optics (and the price fluctuations often exist). In general, however, the EXPS2 tends to be the pricier model, likely due to the QD mount.

Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2 Conclusion

Eotechs are great optics and deciding between the XPS2 and EXPS2 is a tough call. Both will provide you with a great little optic, but their specific differences do narrow it down to your purposes. You should pay the most attention to weight, height, and location of controls (as specified in the sections above). Once you’ve done that, which Eotech optic to buy should be pretty easy to figure out. Good luck!

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